Song and Dance

Song and Dance (NAO)

Choregraphe 2.1.4 for NAOqi version 2.1.4

The NAO robot does a dance routine to a song (in this instance a short clip of the Balamory theme tune). It repeats the routine until the end of the song. Any MP3 can therefore be substituted into the Choregraphe file and the robot will dance for the duration of that file.

To change the song to a new MP3 firstly add the new mp3 file using the blue plus button in the dance_generic project content section. You can then right click on the Play Sound box, and select set parameters. Select the correct mp3 file in the file name box.

This may be called using the Edurob App.**when ready!

The Key to call the current version is “balamoryThemeShort”.

file: (Download)

About andy

Dr. Andy Burton is a research fellow in the ISRG.
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