Greet and Leave (EV3)

Greet and Leave (EV3)

Lego Mindstorms EV3 v 1.2.1 for EV3 Firmware version 1.09H

The robot can offer randomised greet/welcome and leave/goodbye statements. The interaction may be used to welcome a student to a session and to say goodbyes at the end of a session.

Robot can perform the following separate programs:

  • Program path: “greetleave/welcome” – Random one from five. Robot says…
    • “Hello there. Let’s play together!”
    • “Hi! Let’s have some fun!”
    • “Hi there! Let’s see what we can learn today!”
    • “Nice to see you! Can we have some fun today?”
    • “Nice to see you! Let’s get busy!”
  • Program path: “greetleave/ending” – Random one from four. Robot says…
    • “It’s been fun working with you! I hope to see you soon!”
    • “It was nice working with you!”
    • “What a fun time I had. Thank you!”
    • “You did really well today!”
  • Program path: “greetleave/goodbye” – Says either of these two…
    • “Goodbye!”
    • “Byee!”

These may be called using the Edurob App.

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Dr. Andy Burton is a research fellow in the ISRG.
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