Some more direct links to some of our most popular software.

Games for people with Learning Disabilities – Games designed and developed as project coursework on the Serious Games module in Computer Science at NTU. The games are designed to support life and independent living skills.

Student created games for Sustainability – Games created by NTU Computer Science Students with the NTU Green Academy team to enable NTU’s staff and students to solve sustainability challenges by embedding the relevant skills, competencies, and knowledge into our curricula.

VESVET Student Games – developed by our Serious Games students for a project developing content to enhance soft skills in students enrolled on Vocational Education courses in several European countries.

CodeRED Project Games – Games to support actions towards addressing the high proportion of drop-out from i-VET (vocational and educational training) courses.

VESVET GameTest and improve your entrepreneurship sub-competences by playing the VESVET GAME! It is based on the LEVEL5 system, which is specifically designed to assess personal, social and organisational competence development. 6 languages supported.

Speech Therapy Tools – An Android app developed in the Speech Pathology Tools project to help teachers to assess their students’ speech skills, and to help the students to improve them. Play Store Link

Being on time: My Appearance – A game to teach people with learning disabilities about getting ready in the mornings. download windows zip.

Job Interview Training – Developed for the RISE project, this game lets you attend a job interview and experience the sorts of questions you might be asked. Download windows installer zip

Formal and informal language skills: e-mail Knowhow – a game developed for the RISE project about selecting the right tone of formality for your email communications. Play Store Link

Maths game: Bomb Squad – Test your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills whilst saving the city! download windows installer zip

Fractions: Cheese Factory – a maths game to help to teach simple fractions. download zip

Travel Training – Traverse was designed to teach students with learning disabilities about how to be safe on the roads. download (for Windows 8 or older – Updated version coming soon…)

Games for Competence – Inca Island – A first person 3D game developed in the SGSCC project to help students to build up competences by completing tasks and finding diamonds! Download desktop game (Windows zip)

3D4VET Project logo

3D Printing – A 3D Printing training course was developed in the 3D4VET project, and this app was produced as a quick start guide. Play Store Link

Employability Skills – Two games developed in the CodeRED project to increase awareness of employability skills . One is a driving quiz, the other a card game. download

Game Making – to enhance teaching of core curriculum subjects with Create@School. The product of the No One Left Behind project, Create@School is an enhanced version of Catrobat’s Pocket Code enabling accessible scaffolded game making in the classroom. Play Store Download

Big 5 Personality Test – is an implementation of the IPIP quiz to determine personality types, developed for the RealLife project as part of a suite of software to be used to prevent recidivism. Download Windows Zip

Recidivism awareness – A Millionaire style quiz called ASecondChance developed in the RealLife project. Survive your first year on release from prison without falling back into your old ways. Play it!

RealLife Pathways – A tool developed for the RealLife project to identify and categorise your worries about your future life, and to help you manage and prioritise them. Download Windows Zip

Quest – Personal Development and Work sustainability goals addressed in a role playing game. download zipped Windows installer (developed 2007)

Games developed in the ViPi project. ViPi aimed to support and facilitate the acquisition of basic ICT skills for  people with disabilities. (As this project ended in 2013, some content may be rather dated)