Dances and Songs

Dances and Songs

Choregraphe 2.1.4 for NAOqi version 2.1.4

A variety of dances have been sourced to be used as rewards for correct behaviours or responses in Special Educational Needs teaching scenarios. These are not created or owned by EDUROB, and the origin of them is unknown. We will be happy to credit creators or remove these from the site at the owner’s request. Download links and keys are given at the end of this post.

Gangnam Style
Happy Birthday
  • Key: “macarena” file: (Download). Dance only – you will need to add an mp3 file using Choregraphe.
  • Key: “HappyBirthday” file: (Download)
  • Key: “HeadsShouldersSong” file: (Download)
  • Key: “HeadsShouldersLearn1” file: (Download)
  • Key: “HeadsShouldersLearn2” file: (Download)
  • originates from the Northern Stars, NAO Communications Server Creative Commons software ., a download from here currently contains both dances and music files. File: (Download) contains the dances only. You will need to add your mp3 files in Choregraphe. The file is shared here under the  following license terms
    • Key: “danceGangnamStyle”
    • Key: “danceEyeOfTheTiger”
    • Key: “danceThaiChi”
    • Key: “danceVangelisDance”
    • The Caravan Palace and Evolution of Dance dances provided with the original version need adjustment for current NAO version (v4). These will cause NAO to fall so you are advised to Not Use them!

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Dr. Andy Burton is a research fellow in the ISRG.
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