ELS22 – Interact with the robot and make choices (NAO)

ELS22 – Interact with the robot and make choices (NAO)

Choregraphe 2.1.4 for NAOqi version 2.1.4

The student interacts with the robot by using remote control tablet interface or sensors on the robot itself.

  1. The student is asked to press the robots’ ‘foot’. When the button is touched the robot dances and plays music.
  2.  The student is asked to press buttons on the remote control or the tablet screen to make the robot move in different directions around the room.
  3. The student is asked to make the robot move towards different objects by remote control or tablet interface.

The NAO can perform the following separate actions:
File NAO_ELS22_foottodance.zip (Download) – Program key: “foottodance” – Says, “Touch my foot and I will dance for you.” Then repeats the behaviour until it is aborted. The Balamory mp3 can be changed to any other within choreograph and the dance will run for the same duration as the mp3.

For remote control using the app please use file: NAO_ELS01_p3.zip (Download) and see ELS01 part 3 for instructions on its use.

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Dr. Andy Burton is a research fellow in the ISRG.
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