ELS04 – Gross-motor imitation (NAO)

ELS04 – Gross-motor imitation (NAO)

Choregraphe 2.1.4 for NAOqi version 2.1.4

A set of behaviours to make NAO do arm actions. Can be used with ELS04  from the curriculum document. It allows a teacher to command the robot to move in a number of ways to attempt to get the student to copy the motions.

  • Key: “hug” – Robot puts wraps arms to body, and says “Time for a hug.”
  • Key: “handsonhead” – Robot puts hands on its head and says, “Hands on your head.”
  • Key: “relax” – Robot relaxes in standing pose and says, “and relax”
  • Key: “armsouttoside” – Robot puts hands out to the sides and says, “Arms out.”
  • Key: “armsup” – Robot puts hands in the air and says, “Put your hands up.”
  • Key: “zombie” – Robot puts hands out forwards and says, “Zombie.”

file: NAO_ELS04.zip (Download)

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