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speech pathology logoSpeech Pathology Tools (Sep 2017-Aug 2020)

The Speech Pathology Tools project began in September 2017, and aims to create a speech and language pathology online tool for pre-school and primary school teachers with multiple sound checks for each project language. Interactive and multi-functional intervention materials for speech and language therapy will be designed in each of the 6 languages. The project operates in the field of Speech and Language Pathology. This is both a scientific domain and an autonomous profession. As a science, it is at the intersection of medical, linguistic, educational and psychological sciences and focuses on etymology, assessment (screening, identification, evaluation, and diagnosis) and intervention (promotion, prevention, counselling, treatment, consultation, management, rehabilitation and education) of communication and swallowing disorders. A website link will follow once established. (more)

About andy

Dr. Andy Burton is a research fellow in the ISRG.
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