ELS08p1 – Distance from Sensor Demo (EV3)

ELS08p1 – Distance from Sensor Demo (EV3)

Lego Mindstorms EV3 v 1.2.1 for EV3 Firmware version 1.09H – Also version using Ultrasonic sensor for EV3 Educational.

The robot detects the distance of the closest object to its IR/US sensor. It plays a sound tone which gets lower as the object gets closer to the robot, and also constantly displays the approximate distance in cm on the robot brick screen.

Distance accuracy using the IR sensor is limited.
Distance accuracy using the Ultrasonic sensor is more accurate.

Program path for IR sensor: “ELS08IR/Part1”

Program path for US sensor: “ELS08US/Part1”

file: EV3_ELS08.zip (Download) using InfraRed or ultrasonic sensor in port 4.

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Dr. Andy Burton is a research fellow in the ISRG.
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