ELS16 – Mimic sequences of sounds and actions (NAO)

ELS16 – Mimic sequences of sounds and actions (NAO)

Choregraphe 2.1.4 for NAOqi version 2.1.4

A set of behaviours to make NAO do exercises or make sounds. These can be strung together into sequences to test ability to remember and repeat. This should be used with the Example Learning Scenario ELS16 from the curriculum document.

For sounds use:

NAO_ELS16.zip (Download)

It uses the following keys to fire the sounds:

  • ELS16_elephant – plays elephant  sound
  • ELS16_plane – puts arms out swooping and making a plane sound
  • ELS16_monkey – does monkey sound and movement
  • ELS16_dog –  plays dog sound
  • ELS16_horse – plays horse sound
  • ELS16_cat – plays cat sound
  • ELS16_cockerel – plays cockerel sound
  • ELS16_bird – plays bird sound
  • ELS16_sheep – plays sheep sound
  • ELS16_cow – plays cow sound
  • ELS16_duck – plays duck sound

For actions use:

file: NAO_ELS09.zip (Download)

  • Key: “starjumps” – Robot raises arms above his head and down again.
  • Key: “ArmsUpDown” – Robot swings arms forward and up above head and back down.
  • Key: “ArmsOpposites” – Robot swings arms forwards and backwards in a marching style.

NAO_ELS04.zip (Download)

  • Key: “hug” – Robot puts wraps arms to body, and says “Time for a hug.”
  • Key: “handsonhead” – Robot puts hands on its head and says, “Hands on your head.”
  • Key: “stand” – Robot relaxes in standing pose and says, “and relax”
  • Key: “armsouttoside” – Robot puts hands out to the sides and says, “Arms out.”
  • Key: “armsup” – Robot puts hands in the air and says, “Put your hands up.”
  • Key: “zombie” – Robot puts hands out forwards and says, “Zombie.”

files: NAO_ELS16.zip (Download), NAO_ELS09.zip (Download) and NAO_ELS04.zip (Download)

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