ELS07 – Find the Animal/Number (NAO)

ELS07 – Find the Animal/Number (NAO)

Choregraphe 2.1.4 for NAOqi version 2.1.4

The NAO says I will ask you to find the animal. He then goes on to ask for a random animal card to be shown. The student must find the right card and show it to NAO. The NAO uses the NAOmark to determine if the correct animal has been selected. The behaviour and printable picture set are provided.

Further instruction and detail on educational goals that can be achieved can be found in the Edurob Curriculum document in ELS07.

  • Key: “ELS07_animals” – Runs the game.
  • Key: “naocomAbort” – Ends the looping game. This also prevents the program being restarted – need to rerun the file from Choregraphe or reboot the robot tor restart.

Program file: NAO_ELS07_animals.zip (Download);
Printable animal pictures: NAO_ELS07_animals.pdf (Download)

There is an equivalent version with number cards for numbers 1-10. This uses:
Program file: NAO_ELS07_numbers.zip (Download);
Printable number pictures: ELS07_numberscards.zip (Download)

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