EV3 KRAZ3 build tweak

KRAZ3 build tweak

The original build instructions for KRAZ3 can be found on the Lego website. The colour sensor is removed from underneath and placed on the left arm of the robot as shown in the images below. (Click images to enlarge)

Brick Connection Details:

  • 1  (unconnected)
  • 2 – Touch Sensor
  • 3 – Colour Sensor
  • 4 – IR Sensor
  • A – Small motor
  • B – Right Drive Motor
  • C – Left drive motor
  • D (unconnected)

IMG_20160507_101325168_HDR IMG_20160507_101406490 IMG_20160507_101421056 IMG_20160507_101434018


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Dr. Andy Burton is a research fellow in the ISRG.
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