ELS10 – Recognise and say the object/animal/colour (EV3)

ELS10 – Recognise and say the object/animal/colour (EV3)

Lego Mindstorms EV3 v 1.2.1 for EV3 Firmware version 1.09H

Three behaviours have been created:

Part 1: Asks “What colour are my lights?” and then flashes the LEDS red, green or yellow for 5 seconds.

Part 2: Asks “What makes this noise?”, and then plays a randomised animal sound.

Part 3: Find the colours: Asks “Find me something that is… [a colour]?”, uses colour sensor to judge whether the object is the right colour. (The student must touch something of the correct colour against the EV3’s colour sensor. Robot gives automatic verbal feedback.

The games are supposed to encourage vocalisation of responses.

The EV3 can perform the following separate programs:
Program path: “ELS10p1/lightcolours”
Program path: “ELS10p2/animalsound”

These may be called using the Edurob App.

file: EV3_ELS10p1.zip (Download)

file: EV3_ELS10p2.zip (Download)

file: EV3_ELS10p3.zip (Download)

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Dr. Andy Burton is a research fellow in the ISRG.
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