Student created games for Sustainability

NTU has been one of the first universities worldwide to mainstream the Sustainable Development Goals into the curricula of all our disciplines. The University provides ongoing thought leadership in Education for Sustainable Development through its Green Academy.

The NTU Green Academy provides expertise in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). The team’s mission is to enable our staff and students to solve sustainability challenges by embedding the relevant skills, competencies, and knowledge into the curricula of all our disciplines.

Working with guidance and expertise from the NTU Green Academy, the students in the Computer Science Serious Games module have created serious computer games as a part of their project work. The games are designed to highlight aspects of the UNSDGs. Some examples of the best games created are detailed below:

System Sprawl by M. Tivey

Build a city from random blocks!
You place blocks (town centre, housing, workplace, resource and leisure) to facilitate the increasingly growing population. As the population increases you must ensure that no more than 50 of the population do not have a home

play it here!

Power Rush by J. Archer

In your city, energy requirements are increasing. You need t ensure the city has enough energy. You can upgrade buildings, build different types of power facilities. keep the town’s people happy and keep pollution low!

play it here!

Winterbourne Babysitter by H. Jacob

The game is set in a fantasy scene based on the winterbourne chalk streams. The residents are made up of the whimsical biodiversity that can be found in such a place. The player has been enlisted to help take care of the villagers’ eggs during the drought season. However, when climate change begins to negatively impact the weather, the player must battle against it to ensure the community can thrive.

play it here!

Copyright Notice

All of the above games have been developed by the stated authors with input from The Nottingham Trent University Green Academy and Computer Science teams. They may be used as is for training material but may not be altered or uploaded elsewhere without the authors’ permission.

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