Games to support students with learning disabilities

The games below were designed and developed as project coursework by undergraduate students on the Serious Games module in Computer Science at Nottingham Trent University. The students are guided by a team of mentors including both staff and students from a local special school (Oak Field School, Nottingham), and by experts in accessibility and serious games from the university. These games represent some of the best outcomes in recent years, and may be a useful resource to many teachers and schools.

Playable versions of the games may be downloaded below:

Careful Crosser created by Greg McKee

A traffic safety game to teach correct ways to cross roads.

Dodger created by Chris Jackson

A traffic safety game to teach correct ways to cross roads.

Kitchenator created by Ben Toft

A game to demostrate simple kitchen skills (incomplete)

Let’s Go Shopping created by Ashley Tanner-Mortell

A game to encourage recognition of shopping items and simple numbers.

Sign and Symbol Quiz created by Shayna Solanki

A game to encourage sign language and the reconition of symbols used in school.

House Chores Game – created by Philip Hushani

tidy up the house putting things back where they belong.

Match – Road Safety Game – created by Mohammad Albarjes

Create sets of 3 similar signs to learn about what the road signs mean.

Shopping game – Created by Hamza Jawed

Collect the right numbers of items from the shopping list.

Copyright Notice

All of the above games have been developed by the stated authors with input from The Nottingham Trent University and the Oak Field School. They may be used as is for training material but may not be altered or uploaded elsewhere without the authors’ permission.

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