A photo of a conference lecture in progress at ITAG 2012

The eighth annual ITAG conference will be held on 22nd-23rd October 2015  in the Council Building, Old Market Square, Nottingham. The schedule may be viewed here.

ITAG 2014

Over the course of the two days of ITAG 2014 researchers in the fields of interactive technologies and games in education, health and disability met in the Nottingham Council Building to share experiences in the form of lectures, an exhibition workshops and a hackathon. To see images, videos, slideshows and interviews check out the facebook page at

This was the seventh year of the ITAG-EHD (Interactive Technologies and Games for Education, Health and Disability) conference. Hosted annually by Nottingham Trent University it aims to showcase and disseminate research outcomes and usable, accessible and effective open source and freely available games and interactive resources for educational and clinical applications.

The cost of the conference is kept deliberately low, to encourage attendance by not only academics, but also teachers, trainers, clinicians, members of the public, and games and education companies with an interest in these topics. Cross fertilisation of ideas is encouraged at the event creating new opportunities and ideas for future projects and partnerships.

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